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    Migrant Media Book Flood Project

    The Migrant Media Book Flood Project is a book giveaway program for school children to build their own home libraries. Migrant Media collects new and used children's books to distribute free to elementary school students in Watsonville public schools. The Book Flood is an enrichment program that supplements the literacy program of the schools.

    Children who are learning to read and appreciate literature need immediate access to quality children's books. In today's digital media age where books and reading compete with many forms of visual media, books should be as ever present to our children as the television and video games.

    For each Book Flood event, Migrant Media puts together and delivers a selection of 200 to 300 books appropriate for the children in the class. While the books are spread out on tables in the classroom, a Migrant Media representative talks with the children about the personal importance of books, reading, and building a home library. Then, in small groups, the children move from table to table choosing books to take home and keep in their own personal libraries. The children are encouraged to read for the joy of reading and the books are not associated with homework or other school assignments.

    Migrant Media also collects and redistributes old nature magazines such as National Geographic or Audubon to elementary classrooms in Watsonville.

    The Migrant Media children's Book Flood Project is a not-for-profit program and book donations are gladly accepted.

    For more information or to support the Book Flood, email or call 831.728.8949.