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Labor, Agriculture, Free Trade

Watsonville On Strike

Produced & Directed by Jon Silver
Original Music by Jose Luis Orozco

Set in the former frozen food capital of the world, Watsonville On Strike is an intimate view of the 18–month cannery workers' strike which virtually paralyzed this rural California town. Vivid scenes of workers debating strategy, demonstrating and confronting police are combined with poignant interviews of the strikers–mostly Mexican women.

"Aquí está nuestra historia..." (Here is our story...)
–Reyna Guzman, Cannery Worker

"It is a gripping story...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"
–Library Journal, 1990

"This superb documentary showing the unvarnished facts of a long, hard-fought labor battle–workers united, workers divided, the high and low points–may be the best introduction yet available to the realities of class struggle as it exists today."
–Jessica Mitford, Author

"An honest and provocative contribution to our understanding of contemporary cultural and labor invaluable educational tool."
–Carlos Munoz, Associate Professor of History and Politics, University of California, Berkeley

Running Time: 65 minutes

$175 Institutions, $80 Individuals


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